JJ's Smove Groove
Groove tune based on minor blues changes with a slight wrinkle. JJ is short for Jing Jing (Kevin's wife).

"Where Are They Now"

​written by Kevin Golden

​Feb 2016

  • Let's Do This6:45

"Watch Me Now"

​written by Kevin Golden

​July 2014

Let's Do This

Original medium up high energy tune with the A section based on Wes Montgomery's "Jingles" and the bridge based on the bridge to "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes".

Kevin Golden Jazz Guitarist © All rights reserved.

"Dear Old Stockholm"

​Dec 2013


Pelham Parkway

Original up tempo tune based on John Coltrane's "Lazybird" changes.

"Market Square"

​written by Kevin Golden

​Feb 2016


Say What You Mean

Original up tempo high energy tune written by Kevin Golden with the multiple ii-V changes and twists and turns.

"Let's Do This"

​written by Kevin Golden

​Feb 2016

"Pelham Parkway"

​written by Kevin Golden

​Feb 2016

​Kevin Golden

Jazz Guitarist

  • JJ's Smove Groove5:15

  • Pelham Parkway4:34

  • Say What You Mean4:44